Painters Who Paint Paintings of Landscapes from Memory


driving anywhere in traffic I tend to spend the standstill
conjuring a whole valley of extravagant remembrance

conjuring the contra scent of petrichor for a parched planet
low rumble under the Helmholtz Octave Designation System

earlier     under d’Arezzo     the gamut      is gamut an example
of synecdoche       is conjuring rain running rampantly mint

in a weed filled field     conjuring billboards of paintings
depicting what was there before the Anthropocene

although dear painting itself appears to require the presence of us
already I have a problem with analogy elation invention and grief

as I’m recollecting my emotion on seeing a single van Gogh
displayed like a billboard at the Frick     standing there stricken

no mediation but the painting       between
his trembling hand      our inconsolable eyes


emotion from Latin emovere “to move out
even before van Gogh & Cezanne & so forth 

people moved outside as we do 
to meditate and mediate nature 

late in the eighteenth century late in summer
late in the bosky afternoon     burgeoning

bourgeois urban humans not even artists
or tourists would take from their pocket

an optic shade of Claude glass to survey their
sunset gardens in its darkly mirrored gaze as if 

a century earlier in a less degraded Arcadia
they’d been strolling an imagined landscape

painted by Claude Lorrain     darkening portrait
of a pastoral already disappearing world

Cover art: Topography by Ian Wells

Dale Going

Dale Going is a poet and letterpress book artist living in Manhattan and the Adirondack Park of upstate New York after a previous lifetime at the foot of Mount Tamalpais in California. This poem is dedicated to the California artist James McElheron, and to the memory of Etel Adnan and Wayne Thiebaud. Her poetry collections are As/Of the Whole (SFSU Chapbook Award; selected by Brenda Hillman), The View They Arrange (Kelsey St. Press, Poets' Prize nomination), and the chapbooks/artists books Leaves from a Gradual (Potes&Poets), Aerial Perception, Or Less and She Pushes With Her Hands (Em Press). She has received residency fellowships at Yaddo and Djerassi, and grants from the Fund for Poetry and California Arts Council. Her work is online at the Poetry Foundation and dalegoing.com.